Team Toongoose
Nik Skavinskii
Founder at Toongoose Studio
Co-founder at (creative tools for animators)
Anya Medvedeva
CG-producer, born project leader
Gives a clear working structure to a project of any complexity
Surely knows who can make this project. Just show the reference
Gosha Sviridov
Script writer, copywriter with 13+ years of experience
A total ToonGoose legend: he is a dad of the most videos we've created
Creative, full of ideas and highly professional in his work approach
Alexei Guskov
Illustrator who is drawing non-stop for the last 8 years
Got the style you won't mix up with anything else
Likes drawing geese
Al Medwedsky
Animator, creator, visionary man
Makes the things move: in 2D, 3D, real life, you name it
Studies Houdini
Chris Zverokot
Illustrator, art-director, designer
Makes the projects functional and aesthetically appealing
A famous activist of Russian CG-community
Alex aka No Name King
Animator of a new wave
Fast learner with an eye for the cool CG trends
Regularly feeds his inner perfectionist making his animation flawless
+1 415 6709711